Welcome to Daniel Moxon's official portfolio website! I've been building websites for over 20 years and got started when I was just 10 years old. My fascination of computers first began at the age of 5 when my father first exposed me to a DOS game where I had to press a key at the right time to shoot an arrow and hit the bullseye. My curiosity and astonishment grew as my father showed me a registered score of 9999! Shortly after, he revealed that he had modified an INI file to give himself a high score... Several years later, I began experimenting with building Pokemon and anime websites for the enjoyment of sharing my passions and working with computer technologies. Fast forward to today: I present to you some of my latest creations:

MoxyScript.com - Just Another JavaScript Framework
Moxy Script Framework

Underscore-Functions.com - Useful string, array, and object functions library for JavaScript, written in TypeScript
Useful string array and object functions library

MoxyDate.com - A date library written in TypeScript
Date library for JavaScript

AltcoinDeals.io - Cryptocurrency Fansite

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